Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coupon Policies Online

Deal Finding Chik has a list of all online coupon policies for some major retailers. I would strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with the coupon policy for the stores that yoyu go to on a regular basis and also, if you want, carry around a copy of the coupon policiy in case your coupons are ever questioned by the cashier. If you are a super coupon shopper, you know what that means. Just remember to stay cool, calm and collected while your coupons are being raked over with a fine tooth comb. This is their job and they could get in trouble for passing along coupons incorrectly. So be nice, polite and always ask (nicely) for a manager if the cashier seems unwilling to work with you or look at the coupon policy. FRIENDLY IS KEY!!!

Caroline :)

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