Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CVS Trip: August 18, 2010

So much for it being a slow week for ECBs - I paid less money than I usually do and got back more ECB's than I usually do- go figure :) Anyway, I bought $128 worth of items (this includes tax) for only $33!!! And, if you include the ECB's that I made today, my trip today only cost $14!!!! Now that is shopping! Later tonight (after bed time) I am going to add a page and in detail go over my list with you, etc. My only advice to you is to find a CVS (or Walgreens or Rite Aid) that has employees that are nice and friendly. The manager at "my" CVS says I am his favorite customer and today the cashier coded in an expired $3 ECB. How awesome is that?!?! Anyway, enjoy the photo and be on the look out for my list.

Caroline :)

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  1. You're his favorite! That's like the best feeling in the world.