Thursday, August 12, 2010

FOR MY BABY SISTER!! A Winn-Dixie / Coupon match up :)

I found this as I was searching through other blogs and since I have my sister completely convinced that she needs to shop at Winn-Dixie (GREAT BOGOS - SO JEALOUS) I have been keeping an eye out for a coupon match up for Winn-Dixie! This one looks pretty good and I will post her site weekly, but you can always go there yourself, as well. Her website is Pink Coupon Cafe and if you scroll down a little and look on the left hand side, there is a tab that says "Weekly Coupon Match-Ups" click on Winn Dixie and you are on your way to saving some money$$$. Well, at least enough money to where you can tell your boss "F.U.- Grab two beers - slide down an inflatable slide - and become an instacelebrity." I admit, I would be sitting down in front of the TV if they ever did a reality show on Steward"ess" Steven!!

Thanks! Chi-town Cheapskate

Caroline :)

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