Friday, August 6, 2010

Three Fun Freebies!!

On August 7th (Saturday), you can plan your day around all of the FREE events that are offered by various stores and other fun places.

Right now, I only see a few, but that should change as word gets out on the different blogs as the day progresses. I usually plan an "activity hop" with my three daughters and the best part about it is it is all FREE!!!

Activity #1: Home Depot Kids Workshop - Free School Bus Pencil Organizer

Just go to your local Home Depot (call first to see if they are participating) between 9am – noon and let your child build this cute bus organizer, have fun and it is all for FREE :)

Activity #2: FREE Bowling for the end of National Bowling Week

On August 7th, participating bowling centers will offer a free game to anyone who prints out the free bowling coupon.

Get your free bowling coupon here by filing out this form and once you submit, you can fill out the form as many times as you like!!! Go here to print out the coupon and go here to find a participating location.

Activity #3: Lakeshore Learning's FREE craft of the week is a cute bookmark

Bring your kids to Lakeshore Learning on Saturday between 11 - 3 and let them express their creativity with this cute bookworm bookmark!! Go here to find a location nearest you! The best part is there is no age requirements, per se. My 2-yr-old can do this as can my 5-yr-old, so it is a good activity for people with young kids of multiple ages.

Thanks! MojoSavings

Caroline :)

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