Saturday, September 4, 2010

CVS Cereal Deal for week of 9/5

Cheryl, at Simply CVS, posted an upcoming deal for Kellog's cereal at CVS thru Tuesday, September 7th. Go here to print out coupons to make the deal even sweeter :) You will have to register with Kellog's, but hopefully by now you have a junk email account for coupon related sign-ups!

The deal is that select Kellog's cereal will be on sale for only $1.77 until Tuesday. The limit is four boxes. Remember me saying stuff about stockpiling??? This is a good chance to get some cereal. Also, remember what I said about being brand loyal? Doesn't work for a couponer :( But that is good! Try new things!!

1) I am going to buy four boxes of Froot Loops for 7.08. (Hopefully there will be another kind that my kids will like that this coupon will be good for)

2) I am going to use a coupon for $1.50/2 boxes of Kellog's Froot Loops, Apple Jacks or Corn Pops.

3) I will pay 4.08 for all four boxes, bringing my total per box to $1.02 :)

See why couponing is so great?!

Thanks! Simply CVS

Caroline :)

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