Saturday, July 31, 2010

4, Count 'em, 4 coupon inserts this Sunday!!

Not only am I excited about the coupon inserts, but there is also a yummy-liscious picture of Jon Hamm, aka Donald Draper from AMC's Mad Men. If I were a teenage girl again, I would have shrieked...maybe I did ;)

So, it appears that if you have just begun couponing or you are thinking about beginning to coupon, this would be the weekend to buy at least 3 papers. I buy 4 because I can get a Saturday and Early Sunday edition, both with inserts, in a bundle, so I buy two of those :)

There is a BIG Proctor and Gamble insert, 2 Red Plums and a SmartSource and if you are lucky enough to get Parade magazine, a FREE picture of Jon Hamm :)If you get USA Weekly Magazine, I took a picture for you :)

Caroline :)

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